About Sites, Camera, Action

Sites, Camera, Action is a website of Kelly McLaughlin, a New York City-based artist. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon, Kelly worked as a Designer and Producer for companies like AIGA, BBDO, MRY and other fancy acronyms, always pursuing her own performance pursuits on the side. In 2014, she left the corporate world to study at Esper Studio under Suzanne Esper, and focus on her passion for acting and performing.

This transition is and was full of challenge, but luckily Kelly had her design and business skill set to make it aspects of it easier. Seeing her performer friends struggle to understand what kind of marketing materials they needed, what good quality looks like and how to afford it without starving, made Kelly realize that she could put her skill set to use. And that's how Sites, Camera, Action was born! 

Kelly strives to make every project fun, invigorating and motivating, so that the stress of the business aspect of performing can be reduced, and you can sell the best version of you and BOOK!

Visit Kelly's performance website: www.kellylmclaughlin.com

Photo by Michel Leroy

Photo by Michel Leroy