Pre-Shoot Questionnaire

The below questions will help me to understand you, your vibe and your "type," all so that I can help you capture what these photos to say!

Name *
Think about how someone meeting you for the first time might describe you, i.e. what are your core traits.
This is celebs who are your current "type," and/or that you have a strong resemblance to
What is the medium that you are mainly focusing on? *
i.e. what city will you be focusing your efforts in
Someone that you love AND that would use your "type"
Think of a current performance that you would have been perfect to play and would have relished the chance to!
Easiest way is to actually ask 5 friends. ;)
If anyone has ever said that you're a "young _____" or "combination of _____ and _____" this is what we're getting at; if they haven't, ask some friends of yours!