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make it easy to get hired.

Your website is often your first calling card as a performer, and it needs be professional, easy to navigate and representative of you and your goals.

Although there are a ton of DIY website platforms, they often result in a LOT of wasted time and energy trying to figure out how to use them, let alone get the site to look how you want it to. I've created an effective template site design on SquareSpace, which is affordable and has good customer support. After we adapt the template to speak to your brand, we then do a 1-hour training with you to teach you *only* the things that you need to learn for your updates, so you can stay low stress. 

*Custom site, i.e. what I've done for and available upon request*


performer website on squarespace


  • Personalized SquareSpace website using as the template
  • General Design changes, including fonts, colors, button-style, gallery style, banner style and site background color/pattern
  • Homepage Content & Design, including any combination of banner, "about you" callout, featured video/gallery, social feeds, news feeds, etc.
  • 1 round of review and feedback/changes
  • 1-hour training session where I teach you the things that you need to know to maintain your site!

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